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House of Secrets on MyStory

Have you ever been so honest that it scared you?

When I began writing my first song called “House of Secrets,” I scared myself. Even though my family and I had agreed to share our story of transformation, it dawned on me, “are we revealing our dark past to everyone? Are we exposing our family’s secrets to the world?” At first I thought, this topic is “too heavy.” Can we turn the spotlight on family dysfunctionality and sexual abuse? A sense of vulnerability gripped my soul as I began to write the song. For so long, fake smiles had shrouded our family’s dark secrets, that speaking the truth out loud felt unfamiliar. But I believe what God did in my life in the midst of my suffering shouldn’t be kept a secret.

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Ceci’s Story: Healing Through Song

Ceci Bordayo is a singer-songwriter, worship director and nanny in Lansing, Michigan. She was sexually abused as a child and was eventually able to begin healing with the help of her faith, family and music. As an advocate for The Edja Foundation and a talented singer, she was invited to perform at a benefit for sexual abuse victims. She composed and recorded the song “House of Secrets” to tell her story.

Sharing her journey of healing with the world in the form of music has helped Ceci embrace her faith. She hopes it will remind others that God can restore what was broken and that He is waiting with open arms. She has since recorded another song, “Live for You,” after the tragic death of her niece. She hopes to release her first album in 2019.

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house of secrets

House of Secrets on Women for One

I grew up in a house full of secrets. My family looked like a picture-perfect family on the outside, but on the inside, we were all trying to survive. I did survive. I share my poem because I believe one person’s story is someone else’s hope. Hope changes, empowers, and gives life! I’m so grateful I’m living to spread the hope that turned my story around.

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House of Secrets on Say It Forward

Dedication: To victims of sexual / physical abuse, and dysfunction. You are not alone! I grew up in a house full of secrets. On the exterior of our home we looked like a picture-perfect family, but on the interior we all found ways to survive. Let me take you from the beginning. I learned from the moment I was entering the world I would need to fight to survive. My 3lb 9oz identical twin beat me out in our first race, coming in first place by one whole minute!! I weighed 2lbs 11oz. I fought long and hard to survive to become a healthy individual. But it would only be the first fight to survive.

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